About Me!


Good day! My name is Roxy Elsner and I am a working mother of two beautiful children living in Saskatoon, SK. I started painting children’s room décor in 2009 to give as gifts to friends and family at baby showers. I got an overwhelming response to my art so I decided to post my work on facebook.

It has been almost 7 years since I started and have completed over 120 paintings with very few left for sale (yeah for me! Don’t worry, I’m making a lot more). People always tell me how colorful and eye catching my artwork is; something you will never find in a store. All the artwork you buy from me is original, no prints, you will receive a “one of a kind” painting for your child at an excellent price. I've also been painting abstract by request which is a big hit with teens and adults so you might find a little something for yourself! Please note if something is SOLD I can always paint another one…… that’s the beauty of being the artiste!

I will release a new painting every 3 months so make sure you keep checking back often and I hope you find something you would absolutely love to have. Thanks in advance for supporting my small business!